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  Carousel Books is a highly-respected full-service book establishment dedicated to making rare and out-of-print works available to book enthusiasts everywhere. As an established member of the American Booksellers' Association, we take the business of buying and selling books very seriously. Our dedicated staff here at Carousel realizes the importance and value of rare books to our customers, and for that reason, we pride ourselves on providing you with high quality copies at very reasonable prices. A frequent exhibitor at both local and national antiquarian book fairs, our fifteen years
of experience combined with our dedication and love of rare books enables us to assist you in meeting all of your reading needs.
  It isn't unusual for the reading public to lose access to titles that go out of print, but with over 25,000 titles in our extensive library, Carousel has one of the largest inventories of rare and out-of-print juvenile nostalgia books in America. With an extraordinary selection by a number of famous children's authors, Carousel Books is unique in its collection of classic children's series novels. Our diverse library includes works by authors such as Claire Bee, William Campbell Gault, Wilfred McCormick, Joe Archibald, Jackson Scholtz and much, much more.   While we have one of the most extensive libraries of juvenile fiction in the world today, Carousel also has a very impressive library of adult mystery novels. With works by authors such as Rex Stout, Earle Stanley Gardner, John D. McDonald, Robert Parker and Stuart Kaminsky, our library consists of a variety of critically-acclaimed titles. Many of the novels in our inventory are first edition prints, including prints that have been signed by the author, an extremely valuable commodity. And our areas of expertise are not limited to our specialties. We have a variety of adult fiction genres in our library, as well as a large supply of vintage paperbacks.  
We encourage you to search our extensive electronic catalogue of titles
in order to find those books that best meet your reading needs. Please visit
our contact page so that we can provide you with the individualized attention
you deserve. Thank you for shopping Carousel Books.


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